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Tom Hays

VELOCITY BUSINESS ADVISORS, Scottsdale, Arizona is a natural extension of the successful business career of founder Tom Hays

Hays is a serial entrepreneur, previously owning and operating a variety of business ventures. During his career he has bought and sold over 60 businesses for his own account.

He has also become involved in more than his share of underperforming companies, turning them around and making them succeed.  This experience enables him to help business owners and operators maximize the potential of their operation.

“In today’s economic climate, I see a need for business advisors who can bring meaningful, practical experience and expertise to small and mid-sized companies,” says Hays.  “Text book answers do not always provide winning strategies in the real world."

In addition to the retail optical business, (four locations), Hays has owned an advertising agency, an audio/visual production company, built a chain of 38 automobile quick oil change centers, started a food packaging and marketing company and owned a market research company conducting radio listenership research in 105 radio markets in the United States.   He was also a principal in several other private and publicly owned companies, including those involved in oil & gas exploration, music production, greeting cards and business acquisition.

“I like small businesses,” said Hays.  “Velocity Business Advisors is designed to assist business operators by first, taking a good look at where they are and where they realistically can go, and then helping them get there in the most efficient way.  It’s not rocket science, it’s business, and sometimes that’s harder.  When you are in the trenches, sometimes it helps to have someone come along with the experience and ability to help you look over the entire situation and chart a successful strategy.”